Company Overview

Reward Minerals Limited (ASX:RWD) is an Australian company focussed on the exploration and development of Potash resources amenable to the production of Potassium Sulfate (SOP).  The Company's tenements cover approximately 10,000 square kilometres and a series of highly prospective lakes and palaeovalleys known to be host to a substantial volumes of high density Potassium rich brines.

The Company's primary focus is the advancement of its 100% owned LD Potash Project.  LD is located 340 kilometres east of Newman in the Little Sandy Desert, north-western Western Australia.  The LD Project hosts a Mineral Resource of 564Mt of SOP within the top 63 metres of sediments in the lake and remains open in all directions and at depth.  The Project has a registered Indigenous Land Use Agreement with the traditional owners of the land as well as a granted Mining Lease and Miscellaneous Licence.

Other Projects include the Karly Project which covers the Waukarlycarly Embayment and Lake Dora which are located north of LD.

Our vision is to develop our Projects to be globally significant resources of Potassium nutrients which are essential for feeding the world.

The Company acknowledges the importance of completing its exploration and development activities using the most sustainable and safe mining practices available.  This commitment includes providing support for the communities in which we work and providing economic empowerment in the region.