Reward Minerals has aquired and maintains a portofolio of advanced Australia based exploration projects.

LD Project

The LD Project is located in the Little Sandy Desert, Western Australia, approximately 340km east of Newman and accessed via the Talawana Track.  The Project currently has a JORC (2012) compliant Mineral Resource of 564Mt of SOP grading 13.7kg/m3

Karly Project

As a part of Reward’s project expansion plans over 3,000km2 of tenement applications were lodged with the Department of Mines covering the highly prospective Waukarlycarly Embayment highlighted in the Geoscience Australia 2010/12 Record.

Regional Karly Projects

Reward Minerals holds a number of highly prospective tenements acquired as a part of the Company’s project pipeline expansion and include Lake Dora, Lake Winifred and Lake Auld which were identified through the review of the Geoscience Australia 2010/12 Record survey. All of the prospects are a part of the same palaeoriver system which is believed to emanate from the Officer Basin.